The uncertainties and swings that plagued the stock market since the start of the year have given place to a positive momentum as investors are reviewing their stock portfolio before heading to their well deserved Summer break. As we observed earlier, Summer started with  the US stock market picking up momentum. Economic indicators have, as predicted,  helped: April New Home Sales, April Pending Home Sales , and April Durable Orders and GDP growth all  beat expectations or were close. And now, the job market is heating up, with the employers facing a challenge, good for those seeking jobs: worker shortage. The  persistent weaknesses in the internationa markets have been factored into the market performance:  oil markets, the slowing Chinese economy, the never ending Middle East wars and refugee crisis and the growing uncertainties and sometimes chaos in once promising developing economies, such as Argentina, Brasil, Venezuela, and South Africa, Angola, Saoud Arabia, and Nigeria remain major concerns, all are known factors.  Investors appear to have shrugged off these nuisances along with  the risk from the pending decision by the FED to raise short term interest rates. Result: Since January, Dow Jones Industrial Average (DOJ) has jumped from a low  of  15766,71 to 17,865.34, or  13%. 

 Given these challenges and opportunities, AroniSmartInvest™ In Action  had  picked the following stocks and put them on the checklist, along with their performance since January.  Compare with the DOJ performance which is: 2.52%

 AroniSmartInvest in Action™ has clearly outperformed the market.

Now, in the next few weeks, here are a few stocks to watch. Once again,  with  Aronismartinvest, savvy investors may  identify  the stocks that have gained momentum and on upward trend as summer starts , despite the market turmoil.  The stocks below are a small sample from what savvy investors who use AroniSmartInvest tools may find among the more promising stocks to invest in. 

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