AroniSoft - Investment Tag Sun, 13 Oct 2019 15:02:13 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb AroniSmartInvest in Action: Overview of a Few Stocks Selected for July-August 2017 b2ap3_thumbnail_BayesNetwork_Cloud_General.pngOn June 30, 2017, AroniSmartInvest In Action™ picked, leveraging the proprietary advanced Text and Sentiment Analytics, Stock Segmentation, and Machine Learning, a few promising stocks to watch over July and August 2017. Below is a quick overview of some of these stocks, with a focus on  the information  in news, social media, and other sources leveraged by AroniSmartInvest machine learning and stock segment module:

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AroniSmartInvest™ 4.0.9 in App Store®: Unstructured Text Processing, better Integration with AroniSmartIntelligence b2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartInvest406RSSXMLBowser_small.png

AroniSmartInvest™, one of the advanced investment research tools, has been updated and  is available in App Store®. 

What is new in AroniSmartInvest™

  • Better integration with AroniSmartIntelligence ™.
  • Optimized XML and Unstructured Text Processing module
  • Ability to extract RSS and web text feeds into a format ready for AroniSmartIntelligence™  Text processing and BigData analytics
  • Optimized market profile analysis

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AroniSmartInvest™ in Action Update on Stocks on the Move for Spring 2015: Oil, Technology, Banking and Minerals A number of stocks picked by AroniSmartInvest™ in Action and on the move in the first week of Spring 2015 spanned several industries including Oil, Technology, Banking and precious minerals. The stocks featured were; ASH, AVGO, BPOP, GILT, OMG, ST, SIG, and TGT. How did they perform so far?

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AroniSmartInvest™ 4.0.7 in App Store®: Optimized RSS, XML, and Text Processing for Unstructured Data and Text Mining b2ap3_thumbnail_AroniSmartInvest406RSSXMLBowser_small.png

AroniSmartInvest™, one of the advanced investment research tools, has been updated and  is available in App Store®. 

What is new in AroniSmartInvest™

  • Improvement in user interface.
  • Optimized RSS XML and Text Processing module
  • Ability to extract RSS and web text feeds into a format ready for text processing and BigData analytics

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AroniSmartInvest™ In Action: New and Improved Version 4.0.4 AroniSmartInvestMobile AroniSmartInvestMobile™

AroniSmartInvest™ has been updated: Version 4.0.4 for both AroniSmartInvest™ (for MacOS X®) and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ (for the iPad®) are available for sale exclusively in App Store®.

Why the update?

A brief background: The previous update for both the mobile and the desktop or laptop version was published and went into sale in December 2012. Most of the changes in December 2012 did not touch the interface itself. We improved critical functions including AroniSmartInvest™ robust stock segmentation, the database management system for both AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ , and graphics. Our customers loved it!

What has changed since December 2012: However, while thecustomers loved AroniSmartInvest™  and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ in December 2012, they also requested more and we listened. The economy has been steadily improving after the 2008-2011 crisis, the stock market has been rebounding; the customers wanted AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ to account for these new market dynamics.

Hence the question to AroniSoft and AroniSmartInvest team was: how to account for these market dynamics while keeping AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ smart, robust, stable, reliable and user friendly.

With the new update we can say we achieved all these goals by focusing on four  key areas:

Segmentation: Our stock Segmentation proven algorithm was tested again against the changing dynamics within the investment and stock market. There were no critical changes. However, a few improvements on the way the best stocks are selected addresses the need of our various customers.

Stock Database Management System: The list of stocks captured within AroniSmartInvest™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ has increased to more than 14,000. Improved ways to access, update and manage the database have been devised to minimize inefficiencies and leadtime.

Portfolio: Our Customers want more dynamic functions that will help them create, update and manage their portfolio. The new version does that.

User Interface: Our Customers will certainly love the look and feel of the new user interface. However, the focus was on a functional look and feel. Hence a new section showing the trend of key performance metrics, with colors to show the movement direction will help the investor to be more efficient, nimble, and consequently, more effective.

Thanks again for choosing AroniSmartInvest ™ and AroniSmartInvestMobile™ for your investment research needs  and for being a valuable customer .

AroniSmartInvest™ Team.

July 24, 2013
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AronInvest in Action: Stifel Financial Corp stock split

So, instead of panicking, rejoice and continue to observe the unparalleled performance of AronInvest†. On April 8, 2011 at the closing bell  a recap will be made to estimate how AronInvest has done so far.

Disclaimer: AroniSoft and its owners do not own any of the stocks tracked by AronInvest. This may change once the tracking has stopped.

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Strategic Analytics - Tools vs Insights Part 2: Statistical Tools

At outset, let us confirm our belief that AronInvest remains unique, in the sense that it is niched, has a proprietary model, and is truly suited for investors who want to select the promising stocks as easily and efficiently as possible. The tools shown in the table below have the limitations we underlined in our previous article when it comes to handling the specific problem.

Below are the tools:





Product Developer Latest version Windows Mac OS Linux BSD

Unix Com- mercial Cost

Open source Software license Interface Segm- entation Discri-minant Analysis Data- Manip-ulation Data- Trans-formation
GenStat VSN International 12,  July-2008 Yes >$190 No Proprietary CLI/GUI + + + +
JMP SAS Institute October, 2010 Yes Yes Yes No No $1895 No Proprietary GUI/CLI + + + +
LimDep Econometric Software, Inc. May-11 Yes No No No No Begins at $595 No Proprietary CLI/GUI - + + +
Mathematica Wolfram Research 8.0.0, November 2010 Yes Yes Yes ? Yes $2,495 No Proprietary CLI/GUI + - + +
MATLAB The MathWorks Twice per year Yes Yes Yes No Yes Depends on many things. No Proprietary CLI/GUI
Minitab Minitab Inc. 18-May-10 Yes Terminated No No No $895–$1395 No Proprietary CLI/GUI + + + +
Partek Partek Jun-11 Yes No Yes No No No Proprietary GUI + + + +
R R Foundation April, 2010 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Free Yes GNU GPL CLI/GUI[6] + + + +
SAS SAS Institute Mar-11 Yes Terminated Yes No Yes ~$6000 per seat No Proprietary CLI/GUI + + + +
SPlus Insightful Inc. 2005 Yes No Yes No Yes $2399/year No Proprietary CLI + + + +
SPSS IBM 2007 Yes Yes Yes No No $1599 No Proprietary CLI/GUI + + + +
Stata StataCorp Jul-11 Yes Yes Yes No Yes $1,245 No Proprietary CLI/GUI + + + +
Statgraphics StatPoint October, 2009 Yes No No No No $695 – $1495 No Proprietary GUI + + + +
STATISTICA StatSoft November, 2010 Yes No No No No >$695 No Proprietary GUI + + + +
StatIt StatIt Yes No No No No >$395 No Proprietary GUI + + N/A N/A
StatPlus AnalystSoft 7-Jan-07 Yes Yes No No No $150[1][2] No Proprietary GUI - - + +
SYSTAT Systat Software Inc. 21-Feb-07 Yes No No No No $1,299 No Proprietary CLI/GUI + + + +
UNISTAT Unistat Ltd 15-Mar-05 Yes No No No No $895, $495, $300 No Proprietary GUI, Excel + + + +
XLSTAT Addinsoft Inc. Feb-11 Yes Yes No No No $395[2] No Proprietary Excel + + N/A

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AronInvest in Action: April 4, 2011


March 25, 2011 Baseline

March 29, 2011

March 31, 2011

April 4, 2011

April 8, 2011



















































































































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Strategic Analytics: Tools vs Insights, Part 1

Strategic Analytics usually need a good statistical and data mining tool.

Tools are developed for all kinds of purposes, but unfortunately, no single tool may address the needs of all the sophisticated users that Strategic Analytics are. Hence, as needs methodologies, techniques and technologies evolved a choice has been between tools that cover broad needs, and those we may call: "niched."

Usually, focused users like AroniSoft tend to be less interested in the quantity of features, than the quality of the insight garnered from using the tool.  In fact, for us a good strategic analytics tool needs to meet at least four criteria:

1) Does the tool allow us to get from data from multiple sources to relevant information

2) Does the have the statistical and/or data mining functions needed

4) Is the tool flexible in its proposed functions?

3) Is the tool easy or intuitive to use?

Other criteria may be added, but we will focus on these.

Users at AroniSoft have decades of collective experience using several statistical and data mining tools. Some tools have come and gone, others have withstood the test of time. Yet others have either trimmed down their ambitions or used in marginal areas of applications.

We remember tools like Silicon Graphics DMINER that failed to catch up despite initial great promises, or those that were able to carve out their niche, such as MINITAB and EXCEL.

Other tools have established their names as the advanced analytics tools. These include SAS (including SAS Enterprise Miner,SAS JMP), S-Plus, R, SPSS,  and STATA.

There are a whole lot of number of tools used in specialized domains, usually not in the public domain,  but those are out of the scope of our analysis.

Without a doubt, SAS has become the powerhouse of analytics. It has dominated the industry for more than 30 years.

Critics have tried to pick holes here and there but could not tame  its momentum.  For some of us, the first use of SAS goes back to when we had it for DOS and Mainframe. Back then, it was a whole lot experience that the new generation of strategic analysts see only in movies.

Since its introduction SAS ride the wave of challenges, most positive we may add:

1) The availability of cheap and fast computing powers

2) The explosion of technology innovation

3) The advances in statistical methodologies and data mining techniques

Initially, SAS choose to focus on incremental growth: adding existing techniques, a venue made possible by the new computing powers.

This gave an edge to SAS, but at the same time allowed new tools to find their ways in:

1) SPSS came in with easier to use tools with better graphics

2) STATA came at the heels of SAS with more focus on highly advanced analytics and less on data crunching

3) Later S-Plus explored the new territories of cutting edge statistical techniques, with the flexibility of an advanced programming language

The database marketing in the financial, packaging, telecommunications industry made all possible, or at least  a great deal of it. Database marketing managers, mostly composed on statisticians and operations researchers pushed the enveloped and forced the tools to implement advanced statistical methods, Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Decision Trees (CHAID/CART),  and Genetic Algorithms.

The strategic analytics industry adapted to the never ending needs and demands and went to the extremes of selling the tools under the marketing scheme: "No Statistician or Operations Researcher needed." It backfired.  Because of two problems, maybe more: the blackbox effect and the lack of expertise. It is  one thing to trust fortunetellers it is another to trust an uneducated advisor.

The ease of use concept ignored the understanding of statistics and operations research part necessary for gaining insights and supporting an informed decision making.

What was forgotten is that: Strategic Analytics is not about the numbers. It is about the insights and the decision made about them to impact the bottom line.

Hence, most of the tools that sold on the ease of use failed to catch up. Silicon Graphics DMiner may be classified as one of them.

Another selling point was the integration with other existing tools. That was a good move given the leverage of computing technologies. Nevertheless, once again integration was secondary to insights generation.

Finally, better integration,  multiple techniques within the tool, and beauty over substance made the tools sometimes  have a prohibitive cost, far outweighing their intrinsic value. SAS Enterprise Miner, a wonderful tool has failed to catch up, as it was for SPSS Clementine and other general purpose data mining tools.

Speaking of general purpose, most of the tools makers forgot the basic law of economics: expertise.

The lack of focus killed some tools. As William J. O'Neil  put it in his National Bestseller book "How to Make Money in Stocks. The McGraw Hill Company, 2009." who want to be operated by a doctor who is a part timer?

SAS, S+ and SPSS, the major players in the area of Strategic Analytics may have learned the lesson:

1) Focus of you areas of strength

2) Sell the bottom value not the "nice to have": it is all about the strategic insights

3) Flexibility: Innovate consistently

Tools that will last will be those that meet the three criterias.

We will look at how each tool has addressed these challenges, focusing on those that have been successful (SAS, SPSS, S+), those that have found their niche (MINITAB, Excel, STATA), and those that died a slow death such as Silicon DMINER.

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AronInvest: Investment Strategic Analytics
Financial Models are either too complex, complicated to use, or with limited value;

Charts have proven to be valuable tools, but how can an investor select what charts to focus on in a given period, out of thousands of stocks;

Advisory pieces and analyst recommendations: One of the major concern is to know how and why the analyst has come up with the recommended stocks and investment tool;

Newsletters: newsletters are as limited to the skills, the tools and the biases of those writing the letters themselves.

Usually individual investors or financial analysts are left on their own, either to choose a tool or to come up with their own tools. Relevant tools may be a blackbox with limited input from the analyst or complex to use. But more importantly, very few tools address the basic fundamental question most investors have: where to turn, start, and stop in selecting key stocks on which to focus.

Such tools may be too expensive for an individual investor or too simplistic with criteria and information available to everyone else, so that the competitive advantage is lost. That is where AroniSoft comes in. Simply put, AroniSoft has developed a tool that will help both the advanced and the individual stock investor to select a few potential winning stocks, on which to further focus. In simple steps easy to setup, the tool creates segments of stocks based on proven success factors for a stock and the latest performance metrics.

With the tool, an investor will also be able to use their own data to select or narrow down the key stocks for further analysis. The tool also integrates other information freely available in the public, especially the internet to complement the individual research. But perhaps the strongest selling point of the tool is the ability to sift through thousands of stocks, and create homogenous groups of stocks, that we call Stock Segments. Each group has its own historical and current performance, but most importantly includes fewer stocks. The investor is the able to focus on the small number of the stocks. Even the small number may be reduced further.

Finally, the tool is able to use the data provided by the investor to customize the Stock Segments for a laser-like focused analysis. At the end, the investor may make an informed choice for a stock.

That tool is: AroniInvest. We provide a few shoots below that show the intuitive user interface. Although the tool is build on robust statistical techniques with cutting edge approaches, the investor is spared from dealing with these complexities. AroniSoft has done that work. To showcase the tools, we will use the tool to make a weekly pick of stocks and show the key segments that we feel may be of value.

If you are interested in the tool, please contact us at:

We look forward to seeing our customers getting the most out of AroniInvest.

AroniSoft LLC

©AroniSoft LLC March 2011
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