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What is new in AroniSmartInvest™

What is the purpose of RSS and XML Module and  Unstructured Text processing in AroniSmartInvest?

With the increasing rise in Big Data Analytics, it has become urgent for our customers and the savvy investors to harness the power of new technologies. One of the consequences of the advances in new technologies is the increasing prominence of BigData. BigData may come from Web, RSS and XML feeds and other sources in the form of unstructured data or text. Hence, AroniSmartInvest has the new capabilities to process RSS and XML feeds within the RSS XML and Text Processing module.

Using AroniSmartInvest™ RSS XML and Text Processing module, it is possible to create a folder containing RSS and unstructured text  entries, ready to be processed by AroniSmartIntelligence™ Text Processing and BigData Mining module. AroniSmartIntelligence™ Text Processing and BigData Mining module will process RSS and unstrured text content and create a words vector file in “aroni” format. From there, the analyst and the savvy investors will extract information and insights needed to make decisions using adhoc analytical skills and statistical models, such as Bayesian Network, Econometrics, and Regression Analysis.

How AroniSmartIntelligence™ leverage  AroniSmartInvest™ Text processing?

Avronismartinvest™ processes  RSS, XML, and Unstructured text data and save plain text  into a folder and subfolders. The new version of AroniSmartIntelligence™ allows the analyst to load the  plain text organized in folders and sub-folders and create a dataset  in “Aroni” format, to be processed in the Bayesian Models, Regression Analytics, or Segmentation modules. The BigData capabilities  apply map-reduce to incoming or transaction files, one-by-one, or as a batch stored in  dedicated folders to produce summary  statistics and a data set in "Aroni" format suitable for regression analysis, segmentation,  econometrics or bayesian analytics. The BigData module has  some bayesian analytics capabilities, including Naive Bayes, and  Discriminative Multinomial Naive Bayes.

 AroniSmartIntelligence™ has  two major capabilities to handle BigData


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AroniSmartInvest is available in App Store®

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