AroniSoft - Uncategorized Sun, 17 Nov 2019 21:53:32 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Bloomberg is back... to Bloomberg L.P. b2ap3_thumbnail_BloombergAttheWhiteHouse2.jpgIt was announced today that the business magnate and former New York Major, Michael Bloomberg,  has decided to return to lead his business empire, Blooomberg, L.P. The decision was made only 8 months after he finished his third term as New York mayor. While some had thought that the 72 year-old Michael Bloomberg would focus on charity work and other ventures outside his company, those who know him better must alwas have believed it was only a matter of time, before he decides to reoccupy his chair.


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Battery-less Light Switch: Philips Hue Tap.

Philips, the giant electronic lighting company, has reinvented light switches with the introduction of its Hue Wireless Lighting system, embedded i Hue Tap. The Hue Tap offers an independent control over the Hue Wireless Light Bulb.

The Hue Light Bulb, remotely controlled via an iOS App,   offers wide-spectrum LED lighting and hence is energy efficient. Coupled with what Philips calls Friends of Hue Bloom Lamp and LightStrips, the Hue Tap can change colors.
The Hue Tap energy efficiency is due to its internal mechanism, that does not require batteries and is expected to operate for years.
 With the reach of close to 30 meters. Hue Tap can control  Hue Light Bulb several meters away and hence can be used in large rooms or in building halls, including through walls.
Though it comes at the  price, now at around $60 a piece, energy efficiency conscious users may find it a good addition for its kinetic power.
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AronInvest in Action: Stifel Financial Corp stock split

So, instead of panicking, rejoice and continue to observe the unparalleled performance of AronInvest†. On April 8, 2011 at the closing bell  a recap will be made to estimate how AronInvest has done so far.

Disclaimer: AroniSoft and its owners do not own any of the stocks tracked by AronInvest. This may change once the tracking has stopped.

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